Cozily Frozen

We survived our first snow of the year

if not with our sanity than at least with our power lines intact. As I write this late Tuesday night I have not left the house since Thursday. Chris took my car to work today because some of our roads are still icy and as penance he went to the grocery store for me. So now I have every excuse to remain hermit-Faith and I may never leave again. 

It was Pasha's first snow and our first since moving into the new house last month, so it was quite an exciting event. 

No, I did not buy Pasha a snow suit or take him sledding in a laundry basket. Does that make me a bad mom? Maybe. But we have plenty of future snow days to spend running around and precious few left where he will snuggle with me while I drink tea and knit by the window. 

Despite my urge to cast on all the things, a desire I can only assume was brought on by very cold feet, I managed to make some serious progress on my WIP pile.  Over the weekend I finished Fine Tune, which is my oldest WIP, cast on in the fall of 2015. Where's the proof you ask? Well it's still in the corner I tossed it into because I was too lazy to weave in ends. 


But I also took my Sweet Pie Socks out of my purse and started cranking away on them. These are knit in Zealana Cozi, a New Zealand possum blend which I received in a swap from phancee last spring. I'm one sock in and desperate to have them done because did I mention my cold feet? 

After this I suppose I will have to figure out what box my WIP pile was packed into. Or I could cast on something new. I did just free up some needles after all.