August Pattern Roundup

Things have been a little crazy around here lately.

It seems like I blinked and August was over. We went to visit my parents for Labor Day, just in time for Pasha to start acting like he's teething. If there's one thing I don't feel ready for it's a three month old with teeth, but it doesn't look like I will have much of a choice. But lest you think I forgot, there's still a pattern roundup to do. I'm woefully tardy with August's list, but better late than never, right?


Softly by Hannah Maciejewska

I think what won me over to this pattern is that gorgeously squishy collar. I'm in the process of a wardrobe reboot and this is exactly the kind of piece I want to snuggle up in on a crisp fall day. And you know how much I love a fingering weight sweater!


Elwha by tincanknits

Speaking of gorgeous fall sweaters. I love the way that the pattern photos are styled. Just aspirational enough, invoking dreams of escaping off the grid, but a look we can all put together. Except for the hair. I covet her hair despite knowing I could never pull it off.

For the Head

Dazzle Hat by Katy Osterwald

Stripes, garter, a gorgeous use of scraps or minis? Sign me up!

For the Neck

Wool and Waves by Casapinka

Did I mention I love stripes and a chance to use multiple colors? I'm in love with this giant shawl that uses gradient sets from Miss Babs. We should be going to SAFF this year where Miss Babs is a regular vendor, and I think I just decided on my first purchase.

For the Hands

Bibelot by Barbara Gregory

Colorwork mittens are a classic for a reason. These move beyond the traditional geometric and nature-inspired motifs to something with a bit more romance.

For the Feet

Rockpool Socks by Mina Philipp

I have two pairs of Mina Philipp socks on the go from her first Beyond Vanilla collection. I love that these are an easily memorized texture pattern that I can drop when the baby inevitably wakes up in a panic. I also really appreciate that these patterns look great in both stripes and variegated yarns.


Art Class by Lisa K Ross

This pattern is shown on an older kid, but it is sized from 0-6 month to 12. I love kids knits that are more unisex in style. Probably because I'm the mother of a boy. This is part of an entire school themed collection that Lisa has on sale until the end of September. 

Honorable Mention

Star Wars Sweater by Natalie Meredith

An Imperial themed Star Wars pullover. Need I say more?