Or maybe we can call this Socktober pre-loading?

Even though I just went through and frogged a bunch of WIPs that were no longer speaking to me, I have started casting on again. Currently I have been adding to my pile of unfinished sock WIPs, which I can only think is a reaction to the stress I am feeling about Chris' sweater. It's not that I think I'm screwing it up, but a screw up seems inevitable. It's his first knit garment and the first one I have knit for another adult. So I am channeling that nervousness into socks.

I'm not even knitting socks for other people, even though I have a few on this year's gift list (someone posted how many days there are till Christmas on Facebook and I almost had a panic attack right here in the living room). The Jelly Roll socks have been making the rounds lately, but they did not catch my eye until I saw Katie's over on Inside Number 23. For future reference I think I just want to copy everything she knits/makes.

Cobblestone Socks  in  Nomadic Yarns , Dobby is a Free Elf &  Gravel Socks  in  Knit Picks Felici , Sprinkles

Cobblestone Socks in Nomadic Yarns, Dobby is a Free Elf & Gravel Socks in Knit Picks Felici, Sprinkles

It's not just sweater knitting I'm hiding from. There is writing to be done and cleaning to do. Our dishwasher is broken (again). The apartment office is replacing it, which is awesome, but in the meantime I have to wash by hand not only the dishes we use moving forward but also the full load that was in the dishwasher when I realized it was broken. And did I mention my mother-in-law is coming to stay with us at the end of the week? Eeep!

Rose City Rollers Littles  in  Junkyarn  Regal BFL, Molly

So tell me, do you procrastiknit? Or am I really just that crazy. Actually, don't answer that last part. I'm not sure my fragile mental state can handle it.