Sweater Weather

It's officially Autumn!

And even though it feels more like summer here, I am dreaming of snuggly sweaters, boots, and a never ending stream of steaming hot coffees. Ok maybe that last one is because someone has decided 3 AM is playtime and is skipping his morning nap today, but the other two are distinctly autumnal.

I've always loved Fall the best, even before I became a knitter. I love curling up with a book in the early dark on my parents' front porch, the return of network tv shows, and the impending arrival of my birthday month (October, for those of you keeping track). This year it is even more special because I get to share the season with Pasha. I can't wait to introduce him to changing leaves, see him see his own breath for the first time, and bundle him in adorable sweaters.

Speaking of sweaters, in a dramatic turn of events I have actually convinced my hoodie-loving husband to let me knit for him. It actually did not take much more than "Wouldn't it be cool if I knit sweaters for us to wear for our first family pictures?" I was originally going to knit him a Flax out of Quince and Co Lark, but then Warm N Fuzzy received a shipment of Chickadee from the String Theory hand dye collection.

I bought five skeins of this deep grey/blue which is a perfect color for him and the sport weight will make it way more wearable. Of course there are not really any sport weight men's sweater patterns, so I decided to modify a fingering weight pattern. Again we decided on Flax Light when the new Brooklyn Tweed collection launched. Chris became immediately attached to Brighton, which is how I wound up modifying a cabled fingering weight sweater, knit in pieces, for my husband's first sweater.

This can only end well, right?