A Fairy in Her Pocket

There's a scene in Gilmore Girls

where Lorelei walks into Rory's dorm telling her how much she's enjoying the new "youth oriented catalogs" she is receiving because Rory is a college student. Then she gives her a rug. Which is not the point here. The point is I've thought of this moment a lot lately because there is something to be said for enjoying new stages in your child's life and possibly the accompanying shopping you get to do.

Saturday Pasha and I went to his first birthday party. One of my friends' daughter, who is part of our unofficial play group, turned two. Pasha was invited and since he's only four months old, I was invited too. I've known her mother for several years so I wanted to give her something personal. Plus, this was technically a gift from Pasha which brought out a little of the possessive side in me. If it comes from my kid it needs to be a quality gift I guess.

Anyway, there is this series of children's board books called BabyLit, which take classical literature and use them as a teaching tool for basic concepts. We have Wuthering Heights, the weather primer, and for the gift we bought A Midsummer's Night Dream, which focuses on the fairies.

To go with the book I knit the Leaf Sprite by Susan B Anderson from the first issue of Making. I love this magazine, but ironically this was one of the patterns I never thought I would make. I never knit toys before, but these were so sweet and I already had the yarn that it just had to happen. The pattern calls for Quince and Co Chickadee, but I subbed in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport because that's what I had leftovers of. It was a very easy knit. I knit the leaf between doing other things over the weekend and the fairy took me just two episodes of Very  British Problems on Netflix.

Overall the gift was received very well. It seems fairies are a bit of a thing for this child right now, so her mother was quite pleased. I may have set a bit of a bad precedent for myself because now I will probably have to be just as creative for everyone else's kid. Whoops! Maybe I'll give the next one a rug.