Fall Cowls

So by now you all know that I'm a big fan of Holla Knits.

The new issue came out on Monday and it is as lovely as ever.

This was the Accessories 2016 issue and I just happen to have an article in it about a rather controversial topic -- monogamous knitting.

I am by no means a monogamous knitter, and I think it does our community a disservice when we stigmatize the number of works in progress any individual knitter has at a given time. If you go to my Ravelry projects page you'll see that I frequently have 8-10 projects going at once (I think I currently have 11, but I don't have them all logged). I'm a knit everywhere knitter, so it is important for me to have a lot of projects on the go so I'm always prepared for any situation.

One thing I did not mention in the article that I also enjoy about WIPs is that when you have a ton you inevitably forget about some (or at least I do). The other night I was up later than I should have been because I finally got Pasha to sleep and I decided to sort out my WIP box. I had some pre-pregnancy sweater WIPs I had to sort out (more on that later), but I also found this.

This is Fine Tune, a cowl pattern by Joji Loctalli that I started last year for her Fall KAL. Started and then summarily put down and forgot about. I think I had the first two wedges done when I dug it back out?

I'm charging ahead with it now because I cannot wait to have it off the needles for this fall. And because I need to free up these needles to cast on one of the cowls from this issue of Holla Knits. It seems this is the year of the animal motif.

I'm not complaining. You guys know we are a bit obsessed with pandas right now thanks to our little dude, so there will definitely be a panda cowl in my near future. But all kidding aside, if you want to knit something chic and whimsical that will have you dreaming of colder weather, give this issue a look.