Whistling in Colder Weather

It seems a little obnoxious to always talk about the weather

but I'm going to anyway. Because you know what? It's still hot! I envy all the people I see in Canada and the UK talking about how it is sweater weather. Today it was at least cooler here so I broke out my socks. You want to know what we consider "cooler"? 83 degrees (that's around 28 for my Celsius friends). I can only imagine how much longer it will be before I can wear my newly finished Whistler.

Yes, we finally got around to taking pictures. As you might remember I knit the Whistler for my Ravellenics project (a successful undertaking might I add). The pattern is written for a sweater dress, but that's not practical here so I shortened it to hit just below my tshirt hem.

I used Quince and Co Lark in Egret, which is a much warmer yarn than I remember. I was sweating within just the five minutes I was wearing it for these photos. But it was such a nice yarn to knit in and very affordable for good quality worsted weight, so it is staying one of my go-to yarns.

My favorite part of this pattern has got to be the raglan shaping. I've already had several people say they like the "seams" at the sleeves. It just looks so clean!

And with that I can finally put Ravellenics behind me. Even more importantly, I got over my sweater anxiety by knitting something that fits me where I am now, not where I used to be or where I want to go. Sometimes you just need a win.