Ravellenics Day 4

Days Remaining: 12

Skeins Knit: 3

I finally passed the armholes on my sweater! And then I promptly went to bed and did not knit for about 12 hours. 

The blue safety pin marker is yesterday's progress. Provided I do nothing but knit tonight I should finish the fourth skein tonight. I did put quite a dent in that skein during the women's gymnastics team final.



Pasha was suitably impressed. I wish they would show the gymnastic events live on tv instead of pre-edited footage during primetime, but at least we have the internet. Right after I took this picture we had our first spit-up incident and I am happy to report that Egret is indeed the color of baby spit. You can't even tell.

Maybe I'll just knit everything in white for the next year.