Ravellenics Day 3

Days Remaining: 13

Skeins Knit: 2

If I was doing my Ravellenics project as a study in time management then today would be a day of struggle. Today was housework day, in which I try to get all or almost all of the work done around our apartment so that I can spend the rest of my time focused on hanging out with the baby, knitting, and writing. But I got off to such a slow start this morning that by noon I had barely made a dent and Pasha was being super fussy. Luckily I have supportive people in my life and when I texted my friend Taryn about it she challenged me to view it as an Olympic event. 

Olympic baby-wearing. All the accomplished feeling of housework but with the added bonus of strength training.

All of this added up to very little knitting progress. I have still not separated for the sleeves, but I am determined to finish this third skein tonight. I have realized that I need to temper my expectations of progress because this is a larger size than I am used to knitting. It's an aspect of my life that I am slowly coming to terms with -- my body has changed and will probably never be what it was pre-baby. And I'm pretty sure I am ok with that. As long as I get a pretty sweater out of the deal.