Ravellenics Day 2

Days Remaining: 14/17

Skeins Knit: 1.5/11

I've fallen into a bit of a slog on my sweater today.I'm in that never ending stage right before the sleeves are put on hold where each round seems like it takes forever. It doesn't help that Pasha and I took a nap this morning. We were just up so late watching swimming events. 

Speaking of swimming, I am really enjoying learning about Dana Vollmer (who I missed out on during the London Olympics because of the whole getting married thing). Not only does she swim my favorite event (the 100m fly), but she's also a mom. There was a lot of coverage yesterday about her and the fact she had a baby 16 months ago. And about the fact that she gained 50 pounds with that baby. Not only has she lost all of the weight, but she's a medal contender tonight for an event in which she has set a world record. As a new mom around the same age who experienced similar weight gain, I finding her very inspiring. Maybe I'll get Pasha a Team Mommy tshirt to wear on gym days.

Today also marks the last day of World Breastfeeding Week. A lot of my mommy friends have been posting images on social media of themselves nursing in public. While I do nurse in public quite regularly (parking lots, park benches, restaurants), Pasha is such a messy eater that I kept forgetting to snap a photo which is why it took until today.

This is our regular feeding spot. Him scrunched in with an arm thrown over his face, me wedging him up with a pillow and trying to get some rows in. A large portion of my knitting takes place this way, which is why I wanted to be sure to have an easy stitch pattern for my Ravellenics project. Can you imagine if I tried to cable like this?

Are you knitting for Ravellenics? How is your project going? I'd love to hear about it!