Ravellenics Day 1

So I had my times wrong.

The Opening Ceremony did not start broadcasting here until 8 pm, which is fine because I was baby wrangling until 9. Pasha dozed for a few minutes here and there until finally I put him to bed. He still has not forgiven me for not letting him stay up for the Parade of Nations. But I finally got cast on and put a dent in my Whistler between critiquing the very "American" commentary and googling some of the fantastic outfits.

The orange marker is where I stopped last night. I did not get quite as far as I wanted because I misread the pattern and then spent half an hour looking for errata trying to figure out why no one else had mentioned that there was an entire section of the pattern missing. Well, that's what I get for starting a project late at night. I finally called it a night at midnight, so not bad for three hours progress.

Today my mom came to visit, so we've been knitting and passing the baby back and forth. I joined the sweater to knit in the round during the cycling road race this morning (I took a nap during men's water polo), and our afternoon was spent getting out of the apartment. As you can see I did some Starbucks knitting. A very nice man switched tables with me so that I could sit at one that did not wobble ever time I made a stitch. It has been a while since I had a sweater as my traveling WIP and I forgot how much more space I take up when working on it.

Now that I am knitting in the round things are progressing much more quickly. When joining to knit in the round there is some slipping of stitches and a new ball of yarn is introduced, so I am about halfway through two different skeins out of the eleven I purchased. We have sixteen days left, so if I knit an average of one skein a day I should be on track to finish with time to weave in ends and block.

Famous last words, right?