Ravellenics 2016

It's that time again.

The time when the whole world becomes fixated on sports which are only broadcast once every four years. The Olympics! I have a particular fixation with the summer olympics because I was a competitive swimmer as a kid during the early years of Michael Phelp's dominance. This year I am especially excited because I've been saving up my enthusiasm for eight years. Four years ago when the Olympics were in London I was getting married (I can't believe we just celebrated our four year anniversary), so I did not get to watch many of the events. This time around I am at home with Pasha and we plan to fully indulge in Olympic coverage.

Since we are going to be home watching television for the next few weeks it only makes sense that I partake in the other fun event taking place this month -- The Ravellenic Games.

Ravellenics is an online fiber event running parallel to the Olympics (though is in no way affiliated) in which crafters challenge themselves to create something within the timespan of the games. This year I've decided to really step up and knit a sweater. I have not knit a garment for myself since the first trimester of my pregnancy and I really want to create some pieces that fit the size I currently am not the size I was prior to having an alien life-form take over my body.

On Wednesday I hit up Warm N Fuzzy and bought eleven skeins of Quince & Co Lark in Egret. I'll be knitting Whistler by Veronika Jobe, only I'll be shortening it to a pullover length rather than a sweater dress / tunic (my friend Maria did this and I am so copying her). I'm knitting the second size and got almost exact gauge on size US 7 needles.

As an added challenge I will be blogging my daily progress. I have several writing commitments that I need to get moving on, so I'm hoping this will get me back into the practice of daily writing. Hopefully this will be of interest as I will go in-depth on the process of knitting a sweater. So watch this space! Cast on starts tonight at 7pm EDT.

Are you planning to watch the Olympics or participate in Ravellenics? I'd love to hear about it!