Not Quite a Win

But not quite a failure either.

I finished my Ravellenics project in the nick of time.

Seriously, there were fireworks going off in Rio when we snapped this photo.

To recap, I knit the Whistler by Veronika Jobe, shortening it from a sweater dress to a pullover length. I used Quince and Co Lark in Egret, also known around here as baby spit-up white. All told I used all eleven skeins, though I have about a skein's worth in leftovers. In terms of modifications I knit thirteen inches from the underarms to the start of the split hem. I also knit the sleeves two-at-a-time. A great idea in concept but a little tough to wrangle with the already giant sweater. I still need to weave in the ends, but I'm hoping to get photos this weekend. Pasha isn't much of a photographer yet.

I had also set myself the goal of writing every day to log my progress on the sweater. Obviously this did not happen. This happens to me a lot -- I get a grand idea and then get overwhelmed while trying to put it into action. Normally I can push through and make it happen, but the addition of being a mom has created an extra layer of complication. It's something I am learning to work on, giving myself grace to not do everything. Or at the very least, not do everything in the crazy time frame I think it should be done in. 

It's a work in progress, I'm a work in progress, but in the meantime I am labeling this Ravellenics a win.