Ravellenics Day 12

Days Remaining: 4

Skeins Knit: 7

The Closing Ceremonies are looming large on the horizon and I'll be honest with you, I'm starting to panic a little. I've got half the back hem to finish and then I still have the sleeves to go. So instead of showing you yet another Whistler WIP let me show you a different WIP that hit a milestone today.

Can you believe I'm the mother of a three month old? I almost forgot to take his pictures today but I was starting to organize his clothes (read: pull out the stuff that's too small and sob quietly) when I pulled out the vest and remembered that I had planned it for the three month photo.

Milo Vest Side.png

This is the Milo vest knit out of Leading Men Fiber Arts Dramaturg in the six month size. Yep. This kid is so big he's in six month size clothes already. Now if I could just get him to roll over.

No, I take that back. As soon as he rolls over he's going to start crawling and then my life as I know it will officially be over. But back to the vest. I had originally intended it as a baby gift for a coworker, but fell in love with the owl cable so I had to keep it for myself. The actual knit was quite enjoyable and I really like the way the Dramaturg knit up. There are enough sizes in the pattern that I could see myself getting another skein to knit a larger size for winter.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.