Ravellenics Day 11

Days Remaining: 5

Skeins Knit: 7

Where are days 9 and 10 you ask? Well I had a bit of a stumble with my progress. We had a few rough mommy days and I ended up pretty much not knitting over the weekend. But I'm determined to finish so I picked back up and we are charging forward.

When last we spoke I was about to split off for the hem of my sweater. Because I'm modifying I decided to go with a length based on a tshirt and knit 13.5 inches from the underarm to the split. Then I picked back up and knit to pattern for the decreases right down to the tubular bind off. I'm a little embarassed to admit that this is the first time I've been able to make a tubular bind off work for me. I followed the instructions in the pattern and they made perfect sense. Now I understand why some knitters are so enamored with it.

The overall effect is a little apron-like without the back hem, but I think I'll like it a lot once I've finished. My swatch did not block out at all in length so I'm expecting very little growth from what I have knit.

So what have I missed? Fill me in, how is your Ravellenics going?