Ravellenics Day 8

Days Remaining: 8

Skeins Knit: 5

Ok, so saying 5 skeins knit is a little of a misconception because I am almost done with skein 6. But I got next to zero knitting done today. Tonight is the last night of swimming, so I hope to kick things into high gear while watching some killer relays.

Once again it is a billion and a half degrees here so there are no nicely lit photos to be had. We are hiding in as much darkness as we can create, trying to keep cool and lower our electric bill. So far we have had very little success.

I am happy to report that one of my goals with this sweater has been realized. It is totally spit-up colored. Yesterday while we were at the yarn shop Pasha spitup rather dramatically on me and my knitting. The woman next to me was slightly horrified, but once I cleaned it up you could not even tell that a baby had attempted to destroy my sweater. It was also pointed out to me that untreated (non-superwash) wool typically has more lanolin so it repels the spit a little better. If that's the case maybe I won't have to knit my entire wardrobe in Egret.

I am left with this one burning question -- what do I watch once the swimming is complete?