Ravellenics Day 7

Days Remaining: 9

Skeins Knit: 5

We are fast approaching the time when I am going to have to start making some decisions. Up until now I have been able to follow the pattern for my Whistler exactly, but because I am shortening it from a sweater dress to a pullover I need to decide how long I want to knit it. Fortunately I was already heading to Warm N Fuzzy, so I brought it along.

After trying it on I think I want the entire sweater to be the length of my tshirt. Keep in mind that there is a split hem, so I'll need to deduct that measurement then resume knitting as per the pattern instructions. This pattern is so well written that there is actually a measurement for that split in the pattern schematic.

So now I will go make some coffee in my new mug (they had just gotten in a Llamarama shipment), double check my measurements, and get back to knitting. Hopefully I will have that hem split tomorrow.

Wish me luck!