Finding the Happy

The thing to know about having an infant is that even though you can anticipate your schedule your time is completely unpredictable.

You may start on your to-do list first thing in the morning, get derailed by a dirty diaper at 10, and the next thing you know it's 4 and you've gotten nothing done and are digging around in the freezer hoping your husband is home just a little bit late so you can speed clean something in the hopes of making your day appear productive. For example, do you know how long it took me to write that sentence? FOREVER. Because of this little dude right here.

But despite his ability to control the time-space continuum, Pasha and I are having a lot of fun together. There's been a lot of tragic news as of late, and my way of processing has been to be completely silly. So to the designers and yarn dyers I proceed to link, I apologize for our bad lighting and slightly blurry focus. There was a storm rolling in, but we had to follow our muse rather than the light.

First up is Botan by Helen Stewart from the latest issue of Amirisu. I started this one while on bedrest and knit a ton of it while watching the first season of the original 90210 on Hulu. I did not even realize when I cast on that the pattern required bobbles, which I normally hate, but which totally worked for this project. This was the perfect blend of mindless and patterned and got me through many days of sheer and utter boredom (and also way more 90210 than I intended to view).

Hey girl, you like my neon speckles?

Hey girl, you like my neon speckles?

The main yarn is Knitter's Nightmare in her Splatterpunk colorway and the contrast stripes are Dragonfly Fibers in Karen's Blue (though known around here as Tardis Blue). I did not use nearly as much of the blue as I thought so I'll have to work that into another project in the future.

My other shawl is Banner Day by Megan Williams, which was my Mother's Day cast on though one day late. I've called it the Snuggle Bug shawl because though I did knit on it a little while in labor, the majority of it was knit with a snuggly little one on my lap. This has a little more active patterning, but it was also pretty mindless once I was able to intuit where things were going.

I used my favorite Desert Vista Dyeworks colorway, Suffragette, this time in gradient form (see here in stripes for a much better representation of the colors). My striped skein was a pair of socks for my mom last year for Mother's Day, so it felt appropriate for my first Mother's Day.

I have several more shawls on the needles, so expect to see more silly baby pictures soon. Or maybe not. He's already so active he could be crawling by the time I finish another (I'm kidding! . . . I hope).