Getting My Ish Together

One of the things I did towards the end of my pregnancy was cast on whatever I wanted.

I was on bedrest and miserable, so I just kept casting on new projects without finishing old ones. My thought process was that I wanted to be prepared for any situation that might come along. Up in the middle of the night watching Netflix because Pasha won't sleep? Garter shawl. Feeling maternal? Baby sweater. Pensively waiting to go into labor? Have a lace cowl. Absolutely no brain space left? Pick a sock wip, any sock wip. The result was a giant pile of project bags full of half-knit projects. Great in theory, but not when my nesting instincts started to kick in after we got home. What has followed is a desperate need to finish things.

I was gradually finishing projects until the holiday weekend came and I kicked things into high gear. After spending several days on my own with the baby, having Chris home brought a feeling of absolute freedom (even though I am still the food source, so it was a limited freedom). I did a lot of meal prep, including learning to make my own yogurt, and in between recipes I actually managed to finish up a few more projects.

Showing these socks first is kind of cheating because they were my most recently cast on, but I was very eager to wear them. So eager in fact that I actually bought these shoes with which to wear them.

Ok, yes I'm weak. But they're so cute! (and were on sale . . . with free shipping . . . and I'd just gotten paid . . . stop judging me!)

To recap, these are Tennarisukka by Taina Anttila in Must Stash Yarn. The contrasting yarn is leftover Swoonish Fiber Arts from my Fine and Dandy socks. I really enjoyed knitting these. I was concerned that the patterning was not showing well, but the end result was great. I did modify the heel to be 16 repeats rather than the 10 called for and am very pleased with how they look/fit. This will probably be one of my go-to patterns for leftover skeins. And they're just one of three pairs that I finished over the holiday weekend, so I think it's safe to say that I have my sock mojo back.

If there was any doubt, I have two more pairs newly cast on. What? I never denied I have a problem.