Too Much Fun

Long time no see, huh?

How have you been, good people of blog land? I went off the grid a bit while Pasha and I went on our first overnight trip. We headed to Western NC to stay with my parents for a few days last week and while we had an absolute blast, I did not realize how exhausted I would be when we got back. I guess we just had too much fun.

In addition to spending some much needed time with family and watching a zillion hours of Fixer Upper (seriously, it is the perfect "I need to keep the baby entertained but my brain needs background entertainment television), Mom and I went on a bit of a mini yarn crawl.

First up we went to what has become one of my absolute favorite shops, Black Mountain Yarn Shop. Seriously, if I was not blessed enough to call Warm N Fuzzy my LYS, I would be plotting ways to get there with more regularity. Everyone there is always so sweet to us and they were especially welcoming this time when I brought Pasha with me. The last time Mom and I were there was Labor Day weekend, shortly after which we found out that I was pregnant. So technically this was not Pasha's first excursion.

September 2015 vs July 2016

September 2015 vs July 2016

I don't know what it is about this section of the store, but I always end up in front of something I've never seen anywhere else. This time it was Yarn On The House, whose trunk show I missed while they were here because I was a little busy having a baby.

The other new item that I was super excited to see was Pom Pom Press. I've really loved their publications for a while, but have been unable to justify the international shipping to buy directly from the UK. Every once in a while someone in our area will have an issue or two available, but this was the first time I saw the Interpretations books in person.

If you don't know, Interpretations is a collaborative collection between Joji Locatelli and Veera Valimaki. They are absolutely stunning and completely worth buying the print version. Despite what he may say, Pasha wholeheartedly agrees.

After grabbing coffee and some bbq (I'm a Western NC bbq girl, which is impossible to find here in the Eastern half of the state), we headed on to our other yarnie destination, Knitting Diva. They've been around for a while, but somehow we missed them. The shop does not have the same intimate feel as others that we frequent, but the staff kept the larger space from feeling the least bit cold. They too were more than welcoming of Pasha, even he had a giant blow-out of a diaper and completely melted down. I guess he was concerned I was not going to buy the Fyberspates 4-ply for his sweater collection.

Gorgeous yarn, one very fussy baby

Gorgeous yarn, one very fussy baby

After so much fun, Pasha and I plan to spend the week hunkered down in the air conditioning and knocking out some of my long-standing WIPs. Aran cabled sweater anyone?