Two Months and a Panda

It's hard to believe that our little dude is two months old today.

His first month was crazy, but this second month was like when Brent Spiner's character in Independence Day talks about the days leading up to the alien invasion -- really exciting. This has been the month of real smiles, laughter, self-entertainment, and longer periods of sleep. It also saw Pasha's first football match (with a traveling Premier League team no less),

first trip to a yarn shop

and lots and lots of selfies.

So what better way to celebrate than with a new sweater?

Baby Vertebrae  in  Vivid Yarn Studio  High Twist Sport, Pink Panda

Baby Vertebrae in Vivid Yarn Studio High Twist Sport, Pink Panda

This was actually intended to be his three month sweater but he is growing so fast that it fits everywhere but the sleeves. I started this before he was born, but stalled out when I decided I wanted a contrast color for the edging. I'm so glad I went with black because it makes the whole sweater just a little more neutral, giving us a little more versatility with his wardrobe.

I knit the 3-6 month size using the DK instructions. My yarn was sport weight, but that is the one weight of yarn not included in the pattern. The goal was to knit a three or four month size, which I think I achieved. I just have a kid who is growing faster than I can knit.

Several of my muggle friends have asked why I chose to make my son a pink sweater. Aside from the fact that boys can wear pink (!), and the fact that it's only one of several colors in the sweater, I made it because of the colorway name. For my birthday last year Chris and I went to Washington DC. We knew I was pregnant, so it was our last trip before the baby arrived. While at the National Zoo we saw the pandas, who had just had a baby, and decided to pick up the first gift for our baby. So when I saw the name Pink Panda on the yarn, I just knew it had to be ours.

I know, that makes me a little crazy. But I'm a mom. Crazy comes with the territory.