Finding Stitches

As you can imagine, I spend a large part of my day (and night) holding a baby.

While I love my son and holding him has become even more fun now that he has started to smile back at me, it has made it difficult to knit as much as I'd like. The first two weeks I had the sense of accomplishment because I was working on my blanket. He was feeding round the clock so I kept a basket by the rocking chair where I could pick up and knit after he dosed off.

Since then I have not felt motivated to work it. Maybe because I'm almost done with this section and it is now a much larger piece of fabric? I did finish two shawls and was working on a third, but now that Chris is back to work even the most basic lace requires too much thought. So for now I am all about the socks.

Short socks have always been a part of my knitting rotation, but it has been a long time since I knit ankle socks. These started out as a pair of Rose City Rollers, but I was knitting them while my feet were swollen and they were just not going to fit. The yarn is Rey from one of Must Stash Yarns Star Wars companion sets, which means I only had 50 grams, just enough for an ankle sock. Luckily these patterns are getting more popular so I stumbled across Tennarisukka, a Finnish pattern translated into English. This one has texture so it's just perfect to keep my interest while I have knitting time but not so much I can't drop it mid row when summoned by my spit-up overlord.

This is my second sock and I'm already daydreaming about more. Good thing my feet have returned to normal.

Have you been bitten by sock mania? What patterns are singing your name right now?