The View From Here

It's hard to believe as I sit here writing this that I have a one month old.

Our son, whom we have nicknamed Pasha, was born May 17 in the wee hours of the morning and everything since then has been one joyous whirlwind. Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public Day and I found myself thinking back to a year ago when I was starting a new job with no hint that one year later I would give up that job in favor of something even more important.

Yes, you read that correctly. I am now officially a stay at home mom for the next year. It has not really sunk in yet, but I am taking the 2016 school year off to stay home with Pasha. We are so blessed that I can do this and I am really excited to share these new adventures with you.

Speaking of adventures, I mentioned yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public Day, right? It just so happens that I was able to go to a meetup in Cary, NC organized by my friend Michelle of the ACTually Knitting Podcast. What better way to leave the baby for the first time than to have knitting and good company to distract me. I had so much fun hanging out and meeting new people that of course I forgot to take any pictures (bad blogger, bad!). Well, except for this one.

Yes, that is the Lollipop Yarn. And yes, that is a pile of new things. No I don't have any details on when or how, but yes some of it did come home with me and yes I did wind it up immediately.

As soon as I hear anything definitive I will let you know. But here's your head's up -- keep a weather eye on the horizon because awesome things are coming!