April Pattern Roundup

April's installment of the pattern roundup comes a few days late because, well, I did not really realize it was already May.

I know that sounds silly, but last week was my last week at work, so between making sure things were ok there and shifting into full-on baby-prep mode I lost all sense of time. But you forgive me, right? Even if you don't, here's a few of my favorite patterns published in the month of April.


The Way Through by Paige Reisenfeld

Maybe it's the color, the cables, the perfect collar height, or just how beautifully it is styled, but I am in love with this sweater. Pairing sweaters with dresses is one of my favorite ways to create an outfit, and I want this dress! I'm also a huge sucker for cables, though I admit that the reverse stockinette gives me pause. But I'm sure I'd get over it for such a scrumptious sweater.


TPTC by Theresa Gregorio

In the same vein of sweaters with dresses I give you Theresa Gregorio's Perfect Crop Top. This is one that I've been watching and waiting for since she first teased its existence by asking for testers last fall. Unfortunately my ever-changing measurements have kept me from jumping in, but I have a feeling I'll be making one as a post-baby treat this summer. Theresa is a big proponent of the idea that anyone can wear a crop top, so if you're hesitant, go check out the other project pages to see just how true this is.


Amberle by Shannon Cook

There were so many gorgeous shawls published this month that it was really hard to choose which one to showcase (seriously, go do a Ravelry search). What sets this one apart is the fact that it uses worsted weight yarn. I have a lot of fingering weight shawls and sport weight is starting to make more of an appearance, but the idea of a worsted weight shawl is one I have not entertained because it's not usually that cold here. But I cannot stop looking at these pictures and imagining myself out being the cool hippy mom with this artfully draped around Eggbert and I this fall. Plus have you ever seen anyone look so happy to be wearing a shawl?

For the Head:

Omnia by Lee Meredith

Omnia is the latest installment in Lee Meredith's VIP Club. So if you're not a member you have to wait till next year to get the single pattern, but why do that when you can sign up for her club and get an insane amount of cool stuff? (My review of the club is here) Even if you wait till next year, go ahead and bookmark this one. Omnia is written in multiple sizes and gauges so you can get a truly custom hat. You may choose to knit it with worsted scraps, me? I've got a skein of self-striping just calling out for this.

For the Feet:

Interchange by Ariel Altaras

One of the most exciting publications of April was the debut of the new online magazine, Stranded. I admit, I am biased because it was created by some of my favorite knitting people, but the quality is such that I insist you go check it out. Any of the six patterns could have been a featured pattern this month, but these socks are currently my favorite. Deceptively simple without being too pattern-heavy, these are calling my name. Maybe in a fun bright tweedy color?

Honorable Mentions:

Ceciliana by Lisa Hannes

I told you there were too many shawls this month. If you're craving some colorwork in your life, you should check this one out. I love how the look can change based solely on the dominance of one color versus the other. 

Branches and Buds Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge

This pullover is everything I look for in a cozy morning at the farmer's market. It is part of the first issue of Making, which technically was not published in April though the pattern pages did go on Ravelry. However, as this will only be available in print I wanted to make sure you saw it because there is a subscription sale going on until May 10.

Did I miss anything you loved in April? Tell me about it in the comments!