Waiting for Eggbert

For those of you wondering, no baby yet. 

Our little one should be along soon, but we're still waiting. Last week we had a bit of a scare and I was put on bed rest. I know it was the right decision medically, but I've had a tremendously bad attitude about it and have not wanted to subject you guys to that. Turns out I don't like being stuck in bed no matter how much knitting and reading I can do. Those things are way more fun when you know you have the option to get up and go for a walk.

But enough whining. My current circumstances make it hard to take more than a few Instagram photos so I was really excited when I got our maternity pictures back. I had not planned on getting photos done, but I have really sucked at taking anything approximating bump pictures so we decided to call up our favorite local photographer. Added bonus? I finally got some shawl pictures.

This is my Waiting for Rain that I knit back in March. It's knit out of Fable Fibers Novel in the Carolina Beach colorway and took just over a skein. If you remember, this is the "mommy and me" shawl I knit to match Eggbert's Flax Light

I love this shawl. It's a little hard to style because of the size, but again I think that has more to do with my lack of blocking wires than anything else. Also I have struggled with dressing around The Bump, so I'm sure I'll get a much different look once I am no longer house-sized.

The pattern itself was a really fun knit. It took me a little while to wrap my brain around the chart, but once I was able to visualize where I was going I had a much easier time. I highly recommend using the stitch marker technique she suggests if you are having trouble getting started as it helps to make sure you are in the right place.

I've packed this in my hospital bag in case I have an unexpected spate of modesty or find myself a little too cold. Hopefully next time you hear from me I'll have a baby to tell you about! Otherwise I just might go stark raving mad. For now? Back to bed.