A Sizzling WIP

The other day I had a crazy idea.

Well, I have a lot of crazy ideas, but this was an especially crazy knitting idea. I decided that I was going to learn brioche. To add to this insanity let me remind you that I am nine months pregnant. I have trouble keeping my student's names straight in my head and staying awake in the afternoon. Not exactly the most ideal time to learn a new technique. But was that going to dissuade me? Not at all.

Back over spring break I went to Warm N Fuzzy and wound up buying these two skeins of yarn.

I was actually standing in the shop looking at the Spun Right Round as a third color for a Doodler I had planned when suddenly this Life in the Long Grass was in my hand. The two colors were so perfect together I just knew they needed to be a two color something. Fast forward a few days and I found the Sizzle Pop by Lesley Anne Robinson while writing up March's pattern roundup. I'd never had any interest in brioche, but something about the patterning of the stitches struck me and I knew that this was the shawl for me. I thought I would put the yarn on the shelf and save it for a post-baby treat. I have plenty on the needles, I didn't need to add something completely new into the mix. But then Wednesday I found myself winding yarn.

Now I'll be completely honest. I have yet to watch a brioche technique video. I know everyone says it is very complicated to get started, but I was in the middle of season two of The Americans (yes, I finally started watching. It's not that I didn't know it was good, but there was stuff in the pilot that I found really off putting the first time around), so I had no interest in pausing to spend an hour learning. Instead I decided to just put the pattern instructions to the test and learn by trial and error.

This was probably the best thing I could have done because I had to trust the pattern implicitly. Lesley Ann has done an excellent job of breaking down each stitch, right down to which needle your stitch should be on. I knit a little differently, so my stitch orientation was off at first in the decreases, but you can tell in the second repeat where I finally got it. 

Now I'm addicted. I don't know if I'll be able to stop before I finish the shawl, which with my lack of energy means absolutely nothing else will be accomplished around here. No reading, no cleaning, no baking, and certainly no baby knitting. But that won't be a problem, right?