Welcome to 2011

It's weird to partake in any kind of cultural phenomena that the whole world seems to have already moved past.

Whether it's reading a book, watching a movie, discovering a subculture -- most times it feels like you are way behind the curve and need to just keep quiet until you are fully immersed. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, I don't know if most people would call the Color Affection a cultural phenomenon, but it was certainly a monumental force in the knitting community. I have no research to back up this idea, but I don't remember seeing three color shawls and garter stripes very often before the shawl launched in 2011. What I do remember is that over the next year it seemed absolutely everyone made one. Except me, of course.

Fortunately, I finally changed that. Back in 2011 I was dead broke, finishing my graduate degree and working part-time at a non-profit museum. I couldn't imagine buying three skeins of sock yarn just to knit one shawl. Why do that when you could knit three pairs of socks? It was economy of time and entertainment and multi-colored shawls came up with the short straw. Life has changed a lot in the intervening years and while I still try to limit my purchasing, I have cultivated a much larger stash, and buying one skein to match with ones I already have is a lot easier.

To recap, I used Life in the Long Grass Fine Sock, Coastal, Hedgehog Fibres Sock, Opalite, and Copper Corgi Savannah Sock, Skyline as colors A, B, and C respectively. All three of these yarns were delicious and I feel a real need to stash more. Knitting this made me realize I really am in a blue place. I have been for a few years (there was that ill-advised but fun teal hair incident), and this just kind of cemented it. I blame my graduate college. We were by the beach so teal and seafoam greens were everywhere. It's hard to live immersed in those colors and not want to take them with you when you move to the land of much starker color choices (I'm looking at you local college rivalries).

This really was an enjoyable knit. It totally lived up to the hype. My only complaint is that it is not as deep as I thought it would be. But I think that's a combination of my lack of blocking wires and seeing the lace versions. It is still a giant squishy shawl of awesomeness. I did what most people have done and added a yarn-over between the first two stitches on the right side row so that I could get more stretch on that side.

For anyone wondering, here are your bump update pictures. 7 months pregnant and still standing -- kind of

For anyone wondering, here are your bump update pictures. 7 months pregnant and still standing -- kind of

I can see how this started the three color shawl craze. I am already looking at my stash and matching yarns. I think I'll continue this trend of knitting wildly popular shawls and cast on a Doodler next. After I finish a few other things of course. Because you know I had to cast on another shawl already.