There's Nothing Vanilla About Snape

Spring break is here, and with it come lazy days and warmer weather -- right?

Or maybe not if you're me. My definition of lazy is still "craft as much as possible and maybe clean and oh we should probably buy this kid some clothes." Pretty standard if you know me. But in between doctor appointments and the occasional nap I have actually managed to finish something.

Potion Master Socks 2.png

Potions Master Socks! Also known as Vanilla is the New Black in Nomadic Yarns The Potions Master. I really enjoyed this pattern. The entire premise is that it does not require any picked up stitches to turn the heel. Instead the heel is worked with ribbed increases and some short rows. Pretty cool, huh?

Let me say right here, I have no complaints about the pattern. I think it was very well written and easy to follow. I just should have listened to my gut and knit the 60 stitch size. Instead I knit the 64 stitch with my typical size US 1 needle. Something I know about myself but often conveniently forget is that I have thinner ankles. I have a US 8-9 size foot, but I need to knit my socks with a little more negative ease to get the fit I like. Because of that, these are a little big on me. Ironically, my feet have recently started swelling (yay pregnancy), so these are actually the only socks that fit at times. 

I loved this for self-striping, so I think I'll be knitting another pair soon. Nomadic Yarns is starting a Harry Potter knit and read a-long next month, so maybe I'll knit up a pair for another character. Maybe Dobby? He's a free elf, after all. He needs more socks.

PS: In doing the links for this post I discovered that the designer Anneh Fletcher is running a coupon code for 25% off until the end of the month, so if you find this pattern intriguing now is the time.