Mommy Guilt

I guess it was inevitable that with two months till your arrival I would start to feel some pressure.

Crafting pressure I mean. See, I know you won't care that the cross stitch sampler I was making for you has not been finished. You won't even have your own room to put it in for a while, so it's not like I'm holding up the decorating process. Will you even like cute little storybook characters?

Well I hope so because you will be stuck with them. One day when I finally finish.

And I know that you will have no need for an aran sweater for at least six months. So why am I feeling so much guilt about the amount of knitting time I am spending working on other projects? I am familiar with the guilt that comes from over-indulging in too many projects, when you start to feel like you've wasted your money because nothing is getting accomplished. But this is a whole new world of guilt. Is this what it's going to be like being your mother?

So I might not have started on your baby quilt, or done any of the sewing projects I promised you, but you don't mind do you? After all, I just bought you some new yarn!

Babies love cuddling yarn, right?