Hat Trick

Confession time -- It's very rare that I meet a knit-a-long I do not like.

Not that I really finish that many. But I often hear of one, make grand plans to join in, and then fail miserably. I think the reason I succeeded with the Desert Vista Dyeworks KAL last year is because I wanted to hit all of the quarterly discounts and prizes. I got a little burned out by the end so I thought I was done with KALs for a while. But then Lee Meredith announced her VIP Club, which was such a cool concept that I might of yelled "Leethal! Take all my money!"

Basically it works like this. For $20 you get 6 exclusive patterns released every other month. You also get extra inbox goodies, 50% off any new patterns, and 20% off all previously published patterns. The hats themselves are released MKAL (mystery knit-a-long) style for the first week, with yarn and needle information going out in advance. 

The first pattern dropped on Tuesday of last week. I already have a lot of stuff going on the needles (not really, but it was feeling a little overwhelming), so I downloaded the pattern, glanced over the chart, and decided it'd have to wait until I had some free headspace. But then! Oh, but then. I woke up sick on Wednesday. There's been a crazy stomach virus ripping its way through the school and it seems I caught a minor variation on that theme, rendering me unable to leave the couch for the day. And you know how when you're sick you either want to do nothing or you become fixated on something that you absolutely must do? Maybe that's just me. But I became fixated on knitting the Provocateur.

It started as a "Oh, I'll just get it on the needles. It'll be nice to use my yarn bowl for a change." Then I discovered the first season of Unreal is on Hulu, so I had to rewatch that. And then I finished the first chart so I had to keep going. And then it was 10 pm and I was done.

The thing I love about Leethal patterns is that every one has so many different options and many different paths to the same overall item. This hat is designed with different sizing options based on your gauge and the level of slouch that you want. Because I was in a sickness haze I did not take the time to swatch, just started knitting the medium size with US size 7s. The cables were a struggle at first, just because I was having trouble picturing where the pattern was heading, but as I got into it I started to pick up steam. I actually really love the sideways construction and the way the cables magically line up at the end. You would think that they should, but it was still exciting to see.

The yarn is Quince & Co Lark, leftover from my Chuck. This is the third project I've knit with the Honey colorway, so I'm beginning to think of it as "my" color. I used a total of 168 yards, but you could probably get the smaller size out of one skein. As it is I have enough leftover that I think Eggbert will be getting a matching hat. Because I am obsessed with using up as much stash as possible or because I really am that kind of mom? I'll let you decide.