February Pattern Roundup

As the month draws to a close I find myself reeling from the sheer number of patterns that were published in February.

People I consider friends dropped patterns, big designer collaborations made their debut, and then there are all these others that pop up in my Ravelry Pattern Highlights. So in effort to make sense of this abundance, here are some of my favorites from the month, some you've surely heard of, but maybe some you have not.

For the neck:

Yemaya Shawl by Ambah O'Brien

This is a three color shawl designed to use a gradient with two coordinating solids. It might be the effect of the colors used, which you know I'm super partial to right now, but I love the look of the dark lace with the lighter, softer stripes. And it's part of a shawl collection! Right now she has three patterns out and I'm pretty sure I want to knit at least two of them, so I'll be keeping an eye out on this one.

For the feet:

Happy Dance by Tisserin Coquet

Such happy socks! These remind me a bit of the Monkey Socks, but with more subtle patterning (side note -- I tried to knit the Monkeys and failed miserably so I've been on the lookout for something comparable). The pattern says there are customized heel, toe, and gusset construction, which could mean that these will have a much better fit if traditional sock construction does not work for you. Plus, it looks perfect for variegated socks. What's not to love?

For the head:

Foraging by Kalurah Hudson

Squishy Aran weight cables with a pom pom! This hat just makes me want to go visit my parents with the express purpose of taking a hike to some frozen waterfalls. I'd probably need to buy some new plaid first to complete the look. And did I mention it's a free pattern? 


Turners Falls Cardigan by Emma Welford

You guys know I've been lusting after a good cropped cardigan, and this one has moved to the top of the queue. Knit out of a bulky weight it won't be seasonally appropriate around here for a while, but I'm already day dreaming about knitting it for next winter. You know how sometimes you see a pattern and just start imagining how you would wear it and where you would go? Yes, that happened with this cardigan (which happens to be part of a collection that features adorable photos of Emma and her boyfriend. You have to go look).


Breathing Space by Veera Valimaki

There's no way I could not pick a pattern from Veera and Joji's new Interpretations collection. This pullover is everything I want in a sweater. Slightly oversized, interesting construction, multi-colored. I'm already planning yarn to knit this one over the summer provided Eggbert allows such fanciful pursuits. But you know what really drew my interest? Speckles! I love that she's found a way to use some gorgeous speckled yarn without losing the interest of the patterning. It must be mine!


Little Bud by Mimi Codd

First off, how sweet is that pattern photo? Way to hit a mom in the feels, Mimi! But honestly it is a gorgeous set of hats that was designed for a good cause. Mimi is donating the proceeds to Refuge, a UK-based charity that helps women and children in need of shelter from domestic abuse. What a lovely combination of beauty and charity!

Honorable Mentions:

Old Davis by Kat Riddell

I love Kat's patterns. I knit her Gorham hat back in the fall and just loved the simple interest of her patterning. Old Davis is designed in two lengths to use some of that special worsted you just love but haven't yet used.

Vanilla is the New Black by Anneh Fletcher

A new interesting heel construction? Sign me up! Anneh has designed this pattern to avoid the need to pick up stitches, and in doing so created a reversible sock. A reversible sock? This might have to be my next "I want a pattern but I can't concentrate on one" sock. And she's running a sale until the end of March, so go check it out!

I'm sure there are so many more patterns that I have missed. What were your favorite February releases? Anything immediately jump onto your needles?