Knitting Stories

Crafting is something that's encoded deep in my DNA.

I come from a long line of knitters, sewists, quilters, bakers, and cross stitchers. Every woman on both sides of my family had some sort of craft that she honed and perfected over her lifetime. At the same time we are also great story tellers. Family lore has been passed down through books, audio recordings, and even quilts. I've been thinking a lot about this legacy of crafting as I work on my Memory Blanket. It is something that I hope will become an heirloom piece in our little family, especially since it's taking even longer than I ever thought it would.

To that end I've decided to start documenting the process in a more concrete way. Knitting journals are something that I've always admired but never felt were quite right for me until I started this project. I mulled over the idea of a blanket journal for quite a while before stumbling across a system that I think will be perfect (found thanks to the Fiber by Design podcast).

This Simple Stories album is perfect because it is a binder rather than a notebook. I knew I wanted to include a sample of each yarn as I go, so I wanted to be sure that it was something that would not get overstuffed as I put more and more bulk onto the pages. I also love that it is part of a system, so I can pick up similarly styled pages to keep a cohesion to the book. My plan is to do a page for each square with notes about each of the yarns as I knit them. I'm doing some swaps so this will be a great way to log where they came from.

So far I've only started on the first square (you'll notice I am short one yarn -- I'm currently knitting with those leftovers). Knitting my squares to resemble quilt blocks is working in my favor for documentation. There is no confusion about what yarn should be logged where and it should be pretty easy to figure out what square is which when I'm all done.

Obviously this is going to be a very long-term project, but I'm excited for it. It'll be a cool way to pass down a piece of my world and a great source for family story-telling.

Are you doing a blanket? I'd love to hear about how you are organizing yours. And let me know if you want to do a swap! I'm always looking for more minis.