Galentine's Day

I rarely write about my various acquisitions

not because I'm not excited and don't want to share, but out of a place of self-consciousness. I've been one of those people who watched a podcast or read a blog and just felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff people have (do not read this as anti-enabling. I love enabling. It's how I find so many cool things). At the same time I'm making a conscious effort this year to appreciate what I have and want that to be a focus of the blog. But sometimes you go do something fun and you just have to share. This weekend I went on a yarny excursion with my friend Maria and I thought you'd like to tag along.

I'm blessed to live in an area with no shortage of yarn shops of all kinds. On Saturday one of my favorites, Downtown Knits, hosted a trunk show for local indie dyer and designer Hey Lady Hey. It just so happens that Saturday was February 13, also known to many as Galentine's Day, so Maria and I decided to make a date of it (if you don't know Galentine's Day, go watch Parks and Rec. Trust me. Don't bother googling, it's not as fun). We planned to hit up the trunk show, grab a late lunch, and then go to one of the other shops on that side of the world. So we strolled in at 12:30 to be met with . . . very little yarn.

Now, Melissa's show was absolutely lovely. Too lovely in fact. Because when we got there two hours after the doors opened there were only five skeins left and a small basket of fiber. Does that spell success or what? We milled about for a while and then I jumped in and grabbed the last skein of fingering because she has a new sock pattern out and I had intended to buy yarn to knit it. Then I went back to fondling samples and admiring her color sense, all the while keeping a death grip on my yarn. There were some shifty looking knitters afoot, let me tell you.

But that's not all we found. Oh not so by far. Because there's another half of the shop completely dedicated to sewing and full of gorgeous fabrics (remember my embroidery hoop wall). Maria was shopping for buttons for cardigans she knit for her daughters and we ended up finding her fabric to make them little dresses to match. And then I started to feel the mommy guilt (it follows me everywhere), which gave me the inspiration to buy some fat quarters for a blanket for Eggbert.

How sweet are these? If you know of any good/easy patch blanket patterns please let me know. I figured I'd start with the top and then go looking for the reverse side fabric after I know what my dimensions are.

After a few more purchases (tea for Chris, a skein of Socks Yeah! for me), it was on to lunch and then our other destination -- Warm N Fuzzy.

You guys know how much I love this shop. I head over there every chance I get (come to visit me and have any interest in yarn? We're going to Warm N Fuzzy). I'm not picky about my yarn shops, but I always feel so welcome every time I go in this shop. Rebecca, the owner, is almost always in there full of excitement about something she's made/stocked/seen and you can't help but become excited as well. This time the new awesome thing was an order from The Nome Knitter.

Can you imagine not leaving with these cute little sheep? Yeah, me either. And because I am in this seafoam/green/blue color place I ended up bringing home a skein of Life in the Long Grass in a nearly identical color. I already have crazy knitting plans in the works for this yarn (*cough* shawl *cough*), so stay tuned.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend however you spent it, and that you have a week full of fibery goodness!