Knitting Sick Day

So I've been sick lately.

You're shocked, I'm sure. It seems like I can't get through a week without coming down with something, though I'm pretty sure that this latest bug has been in my system for quite a while, it just took me this long to suck it up and go to a doctor. Thursday night I was so miserable that I could barely knit. I just lay in bed looking at a baby sweater I'm supposed to be working on and wondering when I would get my mojo back. The answer was last night. It seems a night of real antibiotic sleep is exactly what I needed to start feeling like myself again.

Friday I slept in a good four hours past my normal wake-up time and spent the entire day in bed. I joked on twitter that for a normal person a sick day of this caliber is just sleep and Netflix. Not for this knitter. I felt strangely motivated to accomplish something with my sick day. You know, besides actually recovering. I set out with the plan to finish this Milo Vest.

There is a crazy rash of babies happening at school. Three other teachers are expecting, one with a due date just days before Eggbert. I'll be on leave during the birth of all of these littles, so I feel it is my duty to give them some proper woolies before I drop off the face of the earth (Kidding! But I don't think I'll have the energy to crank out sweaters for other people's kids when my own spawn is just days old). I'm trying to knit from stash for these, which is making things interesting, especially since not all the mommies are as comfortable breaking gendered baby color rules as I am. This little vest in Leading Men Fiber Arts Dramaturg DK is just what is needed. Someone's baby is going to be styling in about nine months.

Sadly (but probably necessarily), this is as far as I got. I was thwarted by a three hour nap and then realized I had no purse project for my Galentines date today with Maria (we're going to the Hey Lady Hey trunk show at Downtown Knits), so I cast on a new pair of socks for the Holla Knits KAL. But that doesn't mean I finished nothing.

There's nothing I can say about this book that has not already been said many times over. It was so well written that I wanted to live in its pages forever. Chris was surprised it took me so long to read, but I almost wish it had taken longer so that I could have spent more time with it. I'm rather glad I have two more years before the sequel lands because I cannot imagine this magic being recaptured (though I'm sure she will do a wonderful job).

So there you have it. Not my most productive day ever, but this was definitely not a lazy sick day. What about you? Am I the only one who feels the pressure to do something while they are laying in bed? I'd love to know I'm not alone in this ridiculous mental state.