Life is Short, Talk Fast

The Christmas knitting continues apace.

I can't actually show any of it to you because family, but suffice to say it is as massive an undertaking as I originally imagined. Only now it's compounded by the fact that we will be moving the week before Christmas. Two presents down, eight to go, and I haven't even packed for Thanksgiving let alone the move. Luckily the universe has intervened in my impending nervous breakdown with the advent of a Gilmore Girls marathon on UP tv.

Yes, I did just finish my own semi-annual rewatch this summer and yes I have all the seasons on dvd plus a netflix subscription, but Pasha and I are still watching. I bought my first Gilmore Girls dvd box set when I was 16 and since then the series has served as a background for much of my life. It's so intelligent and familiar that it is a comforting show to have on in the background while I do other things.

Of course Pasha and I are indulging all of our Gilmore Girls fanaticism (he's a fanatic too, he just doesn't know it yet) while we watch. We are burning a Gilmore Girls candle,

It serves as a nice distraction from the mayhem that is life these days.