Six Months a Sweater

They say time flies when you're having fun,

but what they fail to mention is that when you have a baby it whisks by in an instant. The best advice I have received regarding babies is "Don't blink". Well I swear I didn't blink but somehow the time is just gone and now this little guy is six months old.

I cannot believe how much he has grown in the past six months. He is on the absolute verge of crawling and has already started saying "mama", which melts my heart every time.

This month's sweater is the Aran Sweater from Baby Knits From Around the World. I knit it in the six month size in Knit Picks City Tweed HW. It is written for worsted but I worked it up in Aran weight to try for something closer to a nine month size. It's a good thing too because this kid is officially out of his six month clothes. It's still big so hopefully he will get a lot of wear out of it this winter.

Don't let the amount of time this has been in progress on my Ravelry page scare you, this is actually a pretty straightforward sweater. I started it while I was still pregnant but stalled out just before Pasha was born. On Monday I realized that I did not have anything finished for his birthday so I pulled this back out and finished two sleeves and the seaming in about 48 hours.

I absolutely love the way this looks. I finished it off with some buttons from my grandmother's button box but they are a little small and kept coming undone so I'll be replacing them before it is actually cold outside.

Hopefully that comes soon.