For the Love of Print

For a long time I preferred digital over print for my knitting patterns.

I have a grab-and-go style when it comes to my knitting and being able to pull up the pattern on my phone made my life easier. There were fewer things to keep track of and less clutter in my life. We have a ton of books already (What do you get when two history majors get married? A library), so minimizing the footprint of my knitting library just made sense.

But as they always do over time, things have started to change. Like I do with most recent changes, I lay the blame for this on Pasha. Around the time our vibrant, energetic little boy arrived in the world I started falling back in love with print. Maybe because it's harder for him to mess up my pattern by hitting my book than it is for him to randomly click out of windows on my phone?

This weekend I received the second issue of Making. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite magazines. The first issue, Flora, arrived right after we brought Pasha home and I spent one late night reading by candlelight while trying to figure out how to negotiate night feedings. In a time when I felt like I was drowning, this magazine felt like a lifeline of creativity.

Since then I have expanded my library with other independently published collections. It is wonderful to get a break from screens and the mental clutter that they seem to bring with them. This is not at all to say that I don't like digital collections, after all I write for magazines that produce exclusively digital content. But sometimes you just need to curl up with some tactile inspiration.

Do you enjoy print media? What are some of your favorite creative publications?