Looking Forward

For many of us this has been a rough week.

I like to keep this a politics-free space, but the US election results on Tuesday shook me to the core. All of the fun and silly posts I had planned suddenly felt pithy and I just did not know how to interact with the world when I felt so sad inside. So we retreated for a few days. Pasha and I spent the last few days hunkered down at home ignoring responsibility, eating way too many cookies, and doing some comfort knitting. But the sun still rises and the time has come to move forward, and in the knitting world that starts with facing another harsh reality -- Christmas is coming.*

Like the crazy person I am I have a lot of gift knitting and making planned. Part of this comes from being an overachiever and part of this comes from the fact that we are trying to buy our first house so I have a very restricted budget for gifts. I've landed on a plan that should bring joy on Christmas morning, but it does involve some form of making for every family member. I have finished one, which leaves me with seven more to go, not counting Chris or Pasha.

On top of gift crafting, this is also Pasha's first Christmas, which means he needs a stocking. I knit stockings for the entire family a few years ago using a more basic pattern from Ysolda Teague. However for my own child I wanted to knit something a bit more "fancy". Fortunately Melynda Bernardi just published Comfort & Joy, a collection of stocking patterns.

I decided to go with the Merriment Stocking specifically because it has a coordinating sweater and bonnet pattern. I have no illusions that I am going to be able to knit a colorwork sweater in time for Christmas this year, but I thought it would be nice to have the option available. You know, just in case I find myself with a lot of free time.

Ha! Like someone is going to let that happen.

*Please do not take the levity of this post to mean that I do not value the very real fear and concern that many are feeling. Humor is just my way of dealing with these emotions. If you find yourself afraid, concerned, or just in need of someone to listen please feel free to reach out. This is a safe space and I will be here for all of you in any way I can.