Please, Luke. Please, please, please

Today's post is not going to be what I planned.

Yesterday I had this great plan all laid out that I would tell you all about my love of Gilmore Girls by talking about today's Luke's Diner popups that are taking over coffee shops across the country. I and a few like-minded friends decided to hit up the one central to us and have knitting at Luke's.

I'll do anything if I get to wear an outfit!

I'll do anything if I get to wear an outfit!

I of course dressed accordingly (you can find this tshirt here).

Now we were prepared for it to be busy because this is a very nice and trendy coffee shop to begin with. We were even prepared for them to be out of free coffee by the time we arrived at 9am. What we did not expect is that two hours after opening the line would still be across the parking lot and that they would run out of the 500 commemorative Luke's cups.

I'm confident enough in my Gilmore Girls obsession that I don't need the Instagram picture of me with a Luke's cup, but man did I want it. It's one of those weird dichotomies of fandom -- loving something so much that you want to share it with everyone yet feeling resentful when it gets so popular. I still have all of the seasons on dvd, painstakingly saved for as each was released, and very specific episodes that I watch on specific days. People used to think I was weird for having a specific episode that I watch when I have to pack for a move (Concertus Interruptus), but I hardly got any looks when I had a pre-labor marathon of all relevant episodes.

Maybe it is because I am in a new demographic. When I watched Gilmore Girls the first time (and bought all the seasons on dvd and made posters out of magazine photos) I was a Rory through and through. Right down to the Russian literature obsession (my mom still has a theory that I studied Soviet history in part because of Rory). In the intervening years I've grown up and started my own family. Life has not gone the way I planned (for which I'm grateful) and now I find myself more of a Lorelei. So do a lot of women my age. And now thanks to Netflix we don't have to loan out our worn out dvd collection to get all of our other friends addicted. It's wonderful. I'm so happy to have all these new Gilmore fans in the world. It's just such a weird feeling when something you've loved for so long is cool.

Find this awesome tshirt  here

Find this awesome tshirt here

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to console myself with some coffee and my favorite season. Copper Boom!