Outfitted on Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed

I have become addicted to the new stories feature.

Typically I use it to post the silly things that Pasha and I do during our day. I don't want to clog up anyone's regular feed with a million pictures of my kid because I remember a time when babies made me cringe and I don't want to alienate anyone. So I take our shenanigans to a slightly different space.

Because October is my birthday month I decided to do something a little different -- you guys know how much I love to set challenges for myself. I was inspired by Kat Riddell's #katwearsclothes series to do an Outfit of the Day story for the entire month.

I'm still struggling to accept my new mom body. I recently purged a large portion of my wardrobe because even if I did get my act together, work out a ton, and manage to pull a Heidi Klum I would still go two years with these clothes sitting unloved in my closet. So this is a personal challenge to see how many outfits I can pull together and what sorts of pieces I gravitate towards. I'm not setting the goal to make each outfit unique, but I'll be trying hard not to repeat too many specific combinations.

Of course there will still be baby selfies. I'm not completely self-absorbed!