Sweater Resignation

I have a confession to make.

I over commit. This probably comes as no surprise to those who know me. I love a good project and I am a highly motivated personality. There's nothing I love more than feeling just the slightest bit overwhelmed by some massive undertaking.

Unfortunately this does not mesh well with being the mom of a young child. While I used to have to hold Pasha all the time for him to stay calm, I was at least able to knit while I did so. Now I can usually only get a few rows in on a small project while nursing before he's flailing about, laughing while he tries to eat my yarn. So while when last we spoke I was very enthusiastic about the Brighton Pullover I am knitting for Chris, I have not made nearly enough progress.

My original plan was to have a new sweater knit for each of us by the time we take family pictures this Fall (note to self: schedule family pictures). I then updated that goal to have Chris' sweater finished in time for his birthday. Well his birthday came and went on Friday and the sweater is still not done. I'm disappointed in myself but Chris assures me that the homemade cupcakes more than made up for the lack of sweater.

So I'm trying to cut myself some slack. I'm feeding my family, they are clothed, Pasha has no shortage of handknits he can wear whenever (provided he doesn't grow too much too soon), and the apartment is even occasionally clean. Which is why I feel quite comfortable moving on to all the Christmas gift knitting I've committed to.

Hey, you can't expect me to learn and grow all at once. After all, winter is coming.