A Week Off

Last week was pretty crazy.

It started with Hurricane Matthew pummeling our area far worse than we expected (we were fortunate not to lose power or water but many others lost so much more) and ended with a mini beach vacation for Pasha and I. Oh, and somewhere in there I had a birthday. With all the excitement I decided to spend my time focused on being a mom and let all of my other commitments go for a little while. And you know what? It was good for me. Even though I am a stay at home mom I sometimes feel like I lose my time with my son because I am so busy with all the other parts of my day. Going out of town meant no writing or housework or anything else on which I feel obligated to spend my time.

Our beach trip came about because my mom was on Fall Break so she and my dad decided to get out of town for the week. We tagged along for Pasha's first trip to the ocean.

While we were there I finally got a picture of us in our matching sweater and shawl. To recap this is Flax Light and Waiting for Rain in Fable Fibers Novel, Carolina Beach. Technically these pictures were at Kure Beach, but it's the same island and we did not have to pay for parking.

The ocean was the most active I have ever seen. We have driven to the coast in a Category 1 hurricane before, but I've never seen the tide come in this far. At low tide on Friday, a week after the storm had passed, the ocean was still above its normal high tide. I have had nightmares about dropping Pasha and losing him in the waves, but I think my shock at how close the water was overwhelmed my nerves, making it easier for me to dip his little feet in the salt water.

Pasha himself seemed very underwhelmed by the whole thing. We video called Chris (thank you Google Duo) so that he could see the crucial moment, but there was really nothing to see. Pasha just looked at me like "That's it, Mom?" and then a big wave came and took out the little bit of sand we had to stand on. I remember being very unfazed by the ocean as a kid. I loved swimming and had not developed all of the anxiety I now have about deep murky water. I hope Pasha has the same love of water, though selfishly I rather hope he does not so I don't have to worry about him.

Then again, maybe it is a good thing I have other commitments throughout my day. Less time to spend passing my neurosis on to the next generation.