Reflections on the Beginning (of a year)

Things have been so crazy around here that it is hard to believe that it is still only January.

At least for another day or so. It feels like ages ago that I told you I wanted to start this year from a place of comfort. I wanted to relax into my knitting, crafting, making, and create things that inspire and warm my heart. That's all still true, but there is a flip side to that. I also want to cultivate contentment in my life.

It might sound strange to say that I find inspiration in contentment, but I really do. I admit, when we decided to stay in our apartment for the next year I bought Marie Kondo's book to help me create the space we need to bring another human into our little home. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I'm pretty proud of the changes we've made thus far. I'm not going to get all in depth on the Kondo method, because some of it just doesn't apply to our life right now (there's no way I'm doing a full scale purge of our books), but one area I did take it to heart was my stash. I sat down one evening, pulled everything out, and made deep cuts. Almost painful cuts. But mostly it was liberating. 

The result is an amount of yarn with which I feel much more comfortable and which brings me that joy yarn is supposed to inspire. I'm not going cold sheep or anything along those lines, but I am being more selective about what I buy. I already have a great selection, so when I do buy yarn it is to fill a gap in my "collection" or because it is an amazing deal.  Like this gorgeousness that just showed up from Tanis Fiber Arts' Boxing Day sale.

And in the meantime I have started revisiting languishing WIPs.

Is anything more inspiring than pulling out a project/yarn/pattern that you already know you love and don't even have to cast on?

Settler Shawl  by Libby Johnson in  Yarn vs Zombies Norse , Yule Ball

Settler Shawl by Libby Johnson in Yarn vs Zombies Norse, Yule Ball

Remind me I said that next time I have cast-onitis.