Ice Storm Knitting

When last we spoke I was beginning what turned into a five day weekend.

Can you even call it a weekend when it is longer than the amount of days you worked for the past two weeks? Don't get me wrong, I have really enjoyed my time away, but now my spring break is being put at risk, so I'm ready to get back to school.

So what's a maker to do when she has all this free time and can't sleep due to the fear that she'll wake up without power (or a tree through the window, which almost happened)? Knit all the things of course! Over the weekend I cast off projects with yardage that added up to 1,442 yards. No, not all of it was knit over this time, but you can bet I'm counting every last inch of that Drachenfels. Plus I got a good start on two other projects that I have yet to finish. Because I am that kind of crazy stress-knitter.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that sometime on Saturday I developed what I'm calling Knitter's Baby Fever. 

That little sweater there was my last FO of 2015. After I bound off the Drachenfels Friday night I decided to reward myself by making a matching hat out of the leftovers. That took me a while because colorwork on US2 dpns requires a lot more concentration than I thought. Then I still had leftovers so I decided to make little booties.

Before I knew it I had made an entire layette set from Kate Oat's New Guy (Hello Kimono, Wee Hat, and Welcome Mocs). I absolutely love all of these patterns even if they did have me knitting on toothpicks. The end result is absolutely precious, too precious to put away. It will probably sit out on the changing table until it is time to bring our little one home in it.

I still have enough Spud and Chloe Fine leftover to make Tin Can Knit's Rocky in purple and grey. And we just got a 2 hour delay for tomorrow, so who knows what I'll do next.