Unexpected Snow Day

So when I spoke of snow on Monday I had no idea what was heading our way.

Did you know that there's a blizzard happening on the East Coast? We're at the Southern edge of the storm, so we are not seeing the amount of snowfall that they are getting in places like DC, but we are getting quite a bit of ice.

There's a real beauty to a world covered in ice. When I was a kid I had a gorgeous illustrated copy of The Snow Queen that I would spend hours reading. The idea of a world covered in the hush of ice and snow was one of the most beautiful things I could imagine. And it was something we hardly ever saw during those years. Now we are in our third straight year of complete shut-down snow and despite the familiarity I still find it beautiful.

Yesterday when I woke up there was a near complete silence outside. The whole day had this sense of peace just beyond the window pane. So we stayed in and while Chris worked from home I knit, caught up on podcasts, and finished Friday Night Lights (any suggestions for another show to marathon on Netflix?) Oh, and I baked. Nothing adds to the spirit of the snow day like homemade bread or cookies.

And of course I broke in a new knit!

The Lovebirds Cowl was actually knit over the summer using the criminally discontinued Knit Picks Stroll Sport. But I put off blocking and photographing it until weather turned cold. I love a doubled colorwork cowl for winter for its snuggly warmth. My version is two pattern repeats short (so one on each side) because I was beginning to feel like I was drowning in it, but I don't know if it was best to make that decision in July. My relationship with wool is different during this time of the year.

This morning I woke up to actual snowfall, and last night surrounding trees started snapping under the weight of the ice, so I doubt we've made it through the worst of this weather just yet. Maybe I'll have even more snow day shenanigans to tell you about soon. In the meantime I hope you are safe, warm, and without power outages.