Best Laid Plans

It's the end of a three day weekend for us here in the States, and like many a three day weekend I had a lot of things I was planning to accomplish,

none of which I have yet to complete. I did not sort out some paperwork I've been putting off, I did not vacuum or clean the bathroom, and I did not clean out the fridge. I did take naps, finish a book (Son of a Witch -- I found the entire Wicked series in amazing condition at the used book store last weekend), and get a lot of things partially done before I got distracted. One of the crafty goals I set for myself this week was to finish Drachenfels. I got through the striped section between scatterbrained moments on Saturday, but then this happened Sunday morning.

In case you don't feel like squinting, that is snow. SNOW! Ok, so to most of the people reading this that is probably not very exciting. But we live well below the Mason-Dixon Line, so for us any sight of snow is a big deal. And it was coming down hard. The only problem was that the actual temperature of the ground was too high for it to stick, so everything turned to mud. But it was so exciting to wake up and find that after we took a short walk I found myself compelled to pull back out my Blowing Snow Cardigan.

I added two pattern repeats to the body and remembered why I put it away. It's not hard, but there are so many stitches on the needles that it is very slow going. Perfect for a day spent on the couch while watching football (Go Panthers!), but today I woke up feeling like I have yet to accomplish anything. So I made a plan.

For every tv episode I spend cleaning/working on stuff around the apartment I get to spend one on the Drachenfels (or the equivalent time with my new book). There's a lot left, but I think I can finish. We'll see. Best laid plans, right?