Hats on Parade

If there's one thing I feel like you can never have enough of it is hats.

Striped hats, slouchy hats, beanies, pompoms, cloches. I love it all.

The hat on top was knit back in October in such a delicious combination of yarn and pattern that it only took me one day. I went to a trunk show for Anzula and fell in love with this skein of worsted. Right before the trunk show Kat Riddell released her Granite collection and I immediately fell in love. I've only knit Gorham so far, but I wear it so much I'm pretty sure there is another in my future soon.

And then there's Gallone, my first Wooly Wormhead pattern. For someone who's as fond of hats as me it's rather surprising that it took me this long to knit one.

The yarn is definitely one of my favorites, Jem's Corporate Day Job from One Twisted Tree. The band is knit flat and then stitches are picked up around and knit up in a surprisingly simple yet effective way. I'm not giving away the secret sauce, but it made for very good movie and book knitting for a few months. It's great to dress up a plain tshirt and jeans, pretty much my staple uniform outside of work these days.

The striped hat is a Barley for Chris knit out of Desert Vista Dyeworks worsted in the Ever in Your Favor colorway. I cast this on to knit during Mocking Jay Part 2 and finished it soon after.

If you think getting your husband to take pictures of you wearing a hat is hard, try getting him to let you take a picture of him wearing a hat. It so was not happening. But I can attest that he has worn it, just not anywhere near my camera.

And finally we have my first FO of 2016, Brenta, the hat from Alexis Winslow's new Speckle and Stone book. It is written to use more contrasting yarn, but I just so happened to have a Frabjuous Fibers five color gradient hiding out in the stash that I'm pretty sure worked perfectly.

Yes, this is an instagram selfie, but remember what I said about husbands and photographing. 

The colorwork is addicting enough that it only took me two afternoons to knit through. It probably could have knit up faster, but I'm working on perfecting my two-handed stranding, so I took my time. And then I had leftovers and the hat was demanding a pompom and then one thing led to another and we had a hat.

Now all I can think about are hats, so I'm off to wind some more yarn. I won't rest until I have a hat for every day of the year! Or at least a few more.