Well and Surely Sleeved

There are some down sides to being a sweater knitter.

Chief among these is the lack of instant gratification. I feel like no matter how gorgeous the yarn or the pattern, at a certain point I get a little tired of taking pictures of the same project at various stages. So I can only imagine how it must feel for you, the reader, to show up week after week and see the same thing. But you know what? I am a sweater knitter, and this is an awesome pattern and yarn combo, so it deserves another post.

Last week I finished the sleeves of my Cormac Sweater. As a refresher, I am knitting this out of Copper Corgi Jones Street DK in Fig. I know it is photographing brown, but really this is closer in color to Marsala, one of Pantone's colors of the season (more on this topic later). I am in love with how this is knitting up. It is soft, but the halo from the alpaca is not making it itchy. Hopefully the season will turn soon and I can wear this to school. I have several skirts that I think it will transition nicely into Fall.

I did hit a snag with the sleeves. They are not as wide as they are supposed to be because I got mixed up on my numbers. When I knit from a magazine I don't do the highlighting and note taking I do with a print out. Unfortunately, this means I became confused about what size I was knitting. I almost always knit the second size on a sweater pattern. Something about the way they are graded works out this way. BUT, this one is so oversized and I know the Jones Street has good drape, so I decided to go with the smallest. At some point in the pattern increases I forgot this, and started following the second set of numbers. I realized it in time to stop at the right length, but I may have to fudge a little with the seaming. Luckily I should have plenty of yarn left to go back if necessary (famous last words).

I know a lot of you are also Kim Harrison fans, so I could not resist showing off the new book. Have you read it yet? I'm only 50ish pages in, but I'm already digging the main character. There's something super cool about her. I won't spoil it for you, but lets just say I think she's a kindred spirit.

PS: Did you enter the blogiversary giveaway? There's still time! I'll be wrapping things up and announcing the winner in Friday's post. Thank you for all the kind comments!