Knitting Club

Back in June I had a crazy idea.

My school was trying to get together a list of potential clubs to give to parents. We were all asked to pitch one club that we would be willing to head up. Of course I offered up knitting club. Because knitting is awesome! And also because I distinctly remember the Yarn Harlot writing about how knitting was a great activity for active kids because it gives them an outlet for all their energy. I didn't want it to be just "Hey, hang out an knit. Whoo!" so I added a service component. We would learn how to knit and then we'd find a kid-friendly charity that we could knit for. I could get materials donated, so the kids would only buy their needles. It'd be great! And honestly I didn't think many kids would sign up.

Oh how wrong I was.

This week was our third meeting, and I find myself very glad we had a sign-up cap. We are finally starting to see some progress with some, but others are still playing more than they are knitting. But you know what? That's ok. Because I work with Kindergarten and I knew most of the other clubs were for older kids, I left ours open for all grades. Let me tell you how crazy it is teaching five year olds to hold knitting needles. I might have almost been stabbed in the eye this week when one ran over to show me that she made a stitch, but she's got yarn on her needles, so she's knitting a scarf.

I am hopeful that within the next month or so we will start to see real progress. I know we have already inspired one mom to take up the needles, so that makes it all worth it. And if we get to our bunnies this semester that would be awesome. But if not, at least we are having fun.