Back to Class


Last week one of my local shops, Warm N Fuzzy, hosted Kate Oates for a weekend of classes.

As soon as I found out I signed up for her sweater workshop all about adding pockets, hoods, and zippers. I've knit some hoods before, but I've always been terrible at pockets and terrified of zippers. As a sweater knitter it seemed like the perfect class for me. And then I had a mini moment of panic because I had never actually taken a knitting class. What if it was full of super advanced knitters and I looked like an idiot, what if I got bored, what if I brought the wrong supplies. All the thoughts that come when you realize you are about to do something completely new. But it was too late to back out and as the date approached I got more and more excited.

Welcome Kate Oates.jpg

How'd I like my first class? It was amazing! We knit every kind of pocket imaginable, learned some serious math for hoods, and I'm now ready to install a zipper on my Annie (I just have to get one). The class was jam packed into the four hours allotted, but it did not feel long. And I learned some other techniques along the way for things like picking up stitches. If you ever have a chance to take a class with Kate, I highly recommend going for it. I can only speak to the material of this class, but I heard positive reviews about the rest. Kate herself was lovely to interact with. I had met her at SAFF five years ago and she not only remembered me, but remembered what kit I purchased. She was kind to everyone no matter how off topic they became. 

Now that I have gotten my first class out of the way I will be on the lookout for more opportunities. I always enjoy learning about new things, which is why I was a professional student for so many years. But I have fallen out of the class routine, so it was nice to break the ice with something so fun. Hopefully I'll take another class before the next time Kate comes around. But if not, I can guarantee I'll be signing up for another.